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5th & Bixel Lofts

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Size: 288,000 SF Residential, 30,000 SF Commercial
Type: Mixed-Use High Rise
Status: Unbuilt
The Lofts at 5th and Bixel is a high rise mixed use project designed for a property in downtown Los Angeles. The design contains over 500,000 SF and is comprised of ground floor retail, 30,000 SF of community space owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles, and 250 units of residential apartments. Parking is provided in a garage which spans two floors below grade to two stories above grade. The building is designed using concrete floors, columns and circulation cores. Open space is provided by closing the street and converting the existing traffic lanes to a private park. Additional open space is provided at an open air third story private roof garden. This project is an example of a unique blend of commercial, institutional and residential uses and is the product of cooperative effort combining the public, a private developer, the architect and representatives of the City of Los Angeles.